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The scientist using data to protect sharks

Sharks are crucial to maintaining a balanced marine ecosystem, but populations are under threat. This South African scientist uses tracking technology to identify and protect areas that are critical to their survival.

The garage epidemic in Beirut

In 2015 the garbage epidemic in Beirut made headline news. While the city was drowning in trash one man came up with an idea to creatively transform glass waste into stylish and elegant glassware and save an ancient industry at the same time.

Who can salvage the situation in Nairobi

Since 1986 Nairobi’s population has doubled — struggling with traffic, pollution and waste, but even in the face of adversity there are champions of green living committed to building a greener future for city dwellers everywhere.

Rooftop gardens in Cairo

Environmentalist Sherif Hosny has set up a sustainable living company, bringing hydroponic urban farms to Cairo’s rooftops, hoping to make the congested capital a greener place to live whilst empowering the community at the same time.

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