Report: Former CIA Director John Brennan Admits the Hunter Biden ‘Russian Disinformation’ Letter Was ‘All Political’

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan claims that former CIA Director John Brennan’s testimony before the panel confirms the infamous letter signed by 51 intelligence officials portraying Hunter Biden’s laptop as ‘Russian disinformation’ was a political operation.

In that letter, the authors argued that the laptop story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

“If we are right, this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this,” they said of the New York Post’s bombshell story at the time.

Then-candidate Joe Biden used the letter as a means to blunt attacks by Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential debates. The media used it as an excuse not to run the story and inform the public.

“[Brennan] sat for a four-hour interview and he further confirmed that this thing was all political,” Jordan (R-OH) told Fox News host Jesse Watters.

Brennan was one of the signatories of the letter. He refused to apologize or even comment when the laptop was subsequently confirmed as real by multiple sources.

Ex-CIA boss tells Congress why he interfered with the 2020 election. @Jim_Jordan tells us what happened behind closed doors.

— Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters) May 12, 2023

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John Brennan Reportedly Admits Intel Letter Saying Hunter’s Laptop Was ‘Russian Disinformation’ Was ‘All Political’

Representative Jim Jordan also told Watters that President Biden used the letter as a “talking point” for his NBC debate against Trump.

“When Trump brought up the laptop report, Biden cited the letter, which led the incumbent to remark how the public apparently must now be led to believe the laptop is “another ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ [hoax],” Jordan asserted.

Deep State Operative Mike Morell worked with Biden Campaign staffer Tony Blinken to produce the letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation with the purpose of Joe Biden using it in presidential debate. This is a huge scandal.

— Charles R Downs (@TheCharlesDowns) April 21, 2023

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Emails show former acting CIA Director Mike Morrell had recruited Brennan to sign onto the letter specifically as a means to provide Biden with “a talking point to push back on Trump.”

New emails show John Brennan signed the bogus “Russian disinfo” letter, which blamed Putin for Hunter’s laptop, after his ex CIA deputy told him it would help Biden.

“Trying to give the campaign, particularly during the debate on Thursday, a talking point to push back on Trump”

— Jon Miltimore (@miltimore79) May 8, 2023

Morrell in turn and prior to that, in a transcribed interview with the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, testified that he received a call from now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken discussing the laptop story.

Morrell claimed the conversation spurred him to gather various signatures from intel officials to help discredit the very real Hunter Biden laptop story.

Prior to the communication with Blinken, Morrell testified that he “did not” have any intent to write the public statement that would lead to a massive media blackout of the story.

“His call triggered that intent in you?” a committee interviewer asked, to which he replied: “It did, yes.”

#BREAKING: Testimony Reveals Secretary Blinken and the Biden Campaign Were Behind the Infamous Public Statement from Former Intel Officials on the Hunter Biden Laptop @Jim_Jordan and @RepMikeTurner reveal HUGE news here:

— House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) April 21, 2023

The Biden campaign was the impetus for the letter, intel officials swore to it, the media dutifully refused to cover it, and those who did were shut down by social media.

It was a coordinated propaganda campaign so President Biden could gain power.

“And he presented it as if it was all organic — just shazam!” Jordan continued. “It just happened out of the goodness of all these individuals’ hearts. They wanted to do this as if there was no political motivation whatsoever, and we know that was not accurate.”

.@JudiciaryGOP Chairman @Jim_Jordan says that former CIA Director John Brennan told the committee the letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop appeared to be Russian disinformation was “all political.”

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) May 14, 2023

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Clapper is Due Up Next

Jordan told Watters that next up for the Judiciary Committee will be former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who will testify later this week.

Clapper also signed the letter and strongly doubled down on it when given the chance to apologize once the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop had been verified.

Though Jordan better be on his A-game, since Clapper already famously lied to Congress in 2013 about mass, unconstitutional spying programs. (He was obviously not held accountable, despite all the “no one is above the law” rhetoric from Democrats.)

“Yes, I stand by the statement made AT THE TIME, and would call attention to its 5th paragraph,” he told the Post over a year after the letter had gone out and the misinformation campaign and collusion had been plotted.

“I think sounding such a cautionary note AT THE TIME was appropriate.”

‘Intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for smearing Hunter Biden story

— Jack Poso 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) March 19, 2022

After nearly two-and-a-half years, however, Clapper suddenly claimed the letter had been taken out of context and “distorted.”

“There was message distortion,” Clapper told the Washington Post. “All we were doing was raising a yellow flag that this could be Russian disinformation.”

No, all Clapper, Brennan, and the other 49 unintelligent intel officials were trying to do was taint an election. It was a political operation one would expect to see in third-world countries.

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