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More than a decade has passed since the good Doctor’s final presidential campaign in 2012 and his official retirement from Congress. After many decades of public service in the House of Representatives, three presidential campaigns, and countless hours of interviews, dozens of books, and hundreds of articles, Dr. Ron Paul has had a thing or two to say about everything.

In a field where fast one liners and bumper sticker slogans seem to score higher than well thought out, longer explanations for why we do or do not support something, Ron Paul for many has been one of those political figures you may not have understood at first, but after careful examination, you’d realize that the representative from Texas was onto something.

Some would say that Dr. Paul was ahead of the curb decades before many of the early warning signs of foreign military intervention, the police state, and monetary madness finally turned into issues we had to stop ignoring.

Here are some of the best quotes from Ron Paul that exemplify his consistency, ability to identify the root of many of our challenges today, and summary of the immortal truths regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Remembering Where Our Rights Come From

Ron Paul in both his role as a statesmen and his civilian career as a commentator has already tried to remind the citizenry that our rights, in fact, do no come from government, but instead come natural to us and are our birthright as humans. Paul’s arguments are not only founded in his Christian faith, but also echo the direct sentiment of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

One of Paul’s most famous sayings doubled down on this notion:

“There is only one kind of freedom and that’s individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.”

Despite often finding himself on the opposing side of many of his Republican colleagues, Paul never wanted to use the force of the state to push his ideas on others, extending not just into domestic politics, but also general American ideas abroad which he felt would force other nations to conform to U.S. interest at the expensive of their sovereignty.

“Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms.”

He was never one to shy down from pressure or inner-party conflict; the best example being his confrontation with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani during the 2008 Republican presidential debates, when the two sparred regarding the true causes leading to the events of 9/11.

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Tough Truths That Never Get Old

Ron Paul spent his years in the House calling out corruption at all levels, especially those that would use the government, either by lobbying to draft constrictive laws or bail out big businesses that should have been allowed to fail, to rig the market in their favor and deprive the citizens of this country of the true value of their hard earned money.

He summed up his belief in the free market:

A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank.

Where many conservatives even today still consider the federal government to be the all-powerful source of authority for all changes in our nation, Paul often warned those that the pursuit of power, even when the intentions are well-meaning, would result in tyranny if they utilized a larger, more intrusive government to achieve their goals; for others will ill-intent could then use the same power and authority to impose their will on the masses.

Paul eloquently said:

If you like small government you need to work hard at having a strong national defense that is not so militant. Personal liberty is the purpose of government, to protect liberty – not to run your personal life, not to run the economy, and not to pretend that we can tell the world how they ought to live.

What are some of your favorite quotes from Dr. Ron Paul’s many years in the public stage? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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