Chicago Public Schools Issues Talking Points On How to Argue With Parents Concerned About Extreme Gender Ideology

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It’s the start of the school year when most parents should be eager to send their kids off to learn new things and make new friends. Instead, we live in a world where parents need to worry not only if their children will learn the things they should learn – but also if they will be safe from extreme gender ideology.

God help you if you voice any of your concerns as the primary caregiver to your young child. If you are lucky enough to even know about the filth being peddled in your kid’s public school, speaking out might earn you the label ‘extremist.’

In this vein, blue districts are arming their progressively trained ‘educators’ with the tools they need not to teach your children actual value-added lessons, but how to argue with parents who don’t approve of extreme gender ideology.

Perhaps the best case study is that of the Chicago Public School (CPS) district that released a “How To” for teachers to defuse any pushback.

More beautiful, supportive people in Chicago, including a public school teacher.

The world is awake.

Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.

Part 1

— Billboard Chris 🇨🇦🇺🇸 (@BillboardChris) August 27, 2023

Common and logical

The document released by CPS to their faculty is titled “Guidance for Responding to Common Pushback.”

CPS goes on to explain that:

“This document provides best practice on how to respond to pushback regarding supporting Transgender, Non-Binary & Gender Nonconforming Students.”

Before I eviscerate this two-page waste of space entirely, let me touch on the concept of “Gender Nonconforming Students.” It’s as if the left specifically wants youth to be confused.

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The term “gender nonconforming” makes it sound as if those who “conform” to their actual genders are ‘uncool’ and behind the times. Take it from a punk rocker who was the cool, edgy kid who smoked cigarettes in high school; this is all about glamorizing a sickness to trap the most vulnerable to suggestion in our population.

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Moving right along. Within the document, CPS discusses seven common objections from those who don’t march along with the radical left’s goal of morphing our children into something unrecognizable.

These seven “common pushback responses” are:

  1. I don’t believe in this. This goes against my religious or personal views.
  2. I think trans people are just confused, and we’re making them more confused.
  3. What about the feelings/rights of girls in the bathroom when a trans person comes in to use it?
  4. Students should not be able to make a name change in ASPEN or other school systems without notifying their caregiver.
  5. What if someone just says they’re a girl just to get into the girls’ bathroom?
  6. Should I tell parents about a trans girl using the girl’s bathroom or locker room?
  7. I don’t want my child to learn about LGBTQ+ History in school.

These all seem like relatively reasonable objections parents can have to radical new social experiments without precedent in human history. However, CPS wants teachers to disregard these objections, and they’ve given them talking points to do so. 

Keep in mind – this isn’t a document on how to better listen to parents, or their concerns, or how to find common ground or understanding. Only institutions that actually care about their charges would do that. No, this is a document on how to defeat parents who disagree with radical ideology.

Migrants in Chicago are being ‘housed’ at Police Stations.
Why not at #Chicago Public School buildings? 33% of CPS schools are less than half full.
20 schools are less than 25% full.
Why not consolidate students in schools?#Thursday #Illinois

— Beverly A. Pekala (@PekalaLaw) August 24, 2023

Religion is for losers

I don’t have enough word count allowed for this piece to dive into every ridiculous counter-response that CPS suggested educators use. Still, I’ll take some time to touch on the best ones.

In response to parents or fellow educators arguing that the gender ideology movement goes against their religious beliefs, CPS suggests the following response:

“Everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs. However, at the same time, CPS holds and enforces clear, specific core values.”

They’d have been better off if they had stopped at the first sentence. No “however” is necessary; everyone literally is entitled to their own personal beliefs. 

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They go on to explain that their core values are to:

“…ensure safe and welcoming learning environments for all students and colleagues, including transgender, nonbinary and gender nonconforming students and staff.”

But if you believe in God and the Good Word, you’ll have to find your safety and welcome environment somewhere else, loser.

Chicago elementary schools are required to have “visible signs and symbols” showing support for LGBTQ+

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) August 27, 2023

Bathroom troubles

While I was in the military, there were a few occasions when I was the only female on the camp at my deployed locations. This would mean, at least for a time, that I didn’t have my own bathroom, I would have to share with the men.

Even in those conditions, in the middle of nowhere Africa and the Middle East, there were steps to ensure I had a safe place to tinkle and shower. A sign would be put up on the latrine door stating that a lady was using it, which meant the men would need to wait.

It is incredible how, in war-torn countries, we can understand fundamental safe spaces for women, but not in schools.

When faced with the question of what should be done about girls who are uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a transgender male, CPS suggests the following response:

“The person who is trans is also a girl…”

CPS continues:

“If someone is uncomfortable with using a shared bathroom with other students in the school, they have the right to access a single stall bathroom if that would make them more comfortable.”

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Ah yes, at a time in their lives when going against the grain is not celebrated, let’s assuage kids’ fears by allowing them to stand out with their choice to use a single-stall bathroom.

But the best part of this response comes next:

“The onus should not be on the transgender student to use a different bathroom to make cisgender students more comfortable.”

Yes, the onus should be on the transgender student because the transgender student should be using the bathroom appropriate for their actual gender – not invading the spaces of the opposite gender.

Happy first day of school for Chicago Public School staff, students, and families!

— eder uptempo (@ederiaguilar) August 21, 2023

Shame on you, Chicago

At the end of the document, CPS recommends a “Quick General Pushback Response” with the following:

“I’m happy to talk to you about this one-on-one, but right now, we’re going to problem-solve how to keep our students safe and affirmed.”

I’m so glad I don’t live in Chicago and we homeschool our children. I would’ve probably been arrested by now if some vapid-eyed, hair-dyed dip said something like that to me.

But, I’m willing to talk to you about something else if they’d like, CPS. How about the fact that less than 16% of Chicago’s over 300,000 minority student population can read at grade level?

Get involved this school year! The 2023-2024 Civil Rights Scholars Program is the perfect opportunity to become a leader at your school. Learn more and apply today at

— CPS – Chicago Public Schools (@ChiPubSchools) August 29, 2023

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