Decision on changes to F1 points system deferred to summer

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Decision on changes to F1 points system deferred to summer

Formula 1’s stakeholders have deferred further discussion on a proposal to extend the points positions for 2025 until later this year.

An initial proposal, believed to have been submitted by one of the sport’s 10 teams, to tweak the current structure so that points go down to 12th place instead of 10th was put forward for initial discussion in Thursday’s F1 Commission meeting in Geneva.

A vote on the matter was not expected at this early stage.

In a statement issued by the FIA after the conclusion of the meeting in Geneva, which was attended either in person or remotely by the sport’s most senior figures, F1’s governed body said: “Commission members discussed a proposal for changes to the distribution of Championship points.

“It was agreed that further analysis of proposed changes was required with a view to a proposal to be presented to the F1 Commission meeting in July.”

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Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen fight in intense battle to near thee back of the field in the Chinese GP

F1’s existing points structure, which has been in place since 2010, for grands prix sees points awarded down to the 10th-placed finisher in a 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 distribution.

The proposal to also give points to 11th and 12th would see a 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 breakdown, with the current allocation tweaked from eighth place downwards.

The matter has already stirred debate in F1.

Setting out his opposition to the plan, Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle posted on X: “Formula One world championship points must be hard won and treasured. Valued.

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“Not some kind of lucky dip where everyone wins a prize.”

His commentary colleague David Croft, however, has made the case for going even further than the top-12 earning points.

“I don’t think giving points to 11th and 12th goes far enough,” said Croft.

“I’d like to see points down to 20th if you finish.”

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Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft on whether more Sprint races should be added to the calendar, and the proposal to extend the points places in 2025.

The first five races of the 2024 season have seen the top five teams – Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Aston Martin – secure 88 per cent of the top-10 positions between them, with only Haas (four points finishes) and RB (two) breaking into the points-paying places so far.

Williams, Alpine and Sauber are all locked on zero points, with their placings in the Constructors’ Championship instead determined by their respective highest race finish.

What else did the F1 Commission discuss?

Meeting for the second time this year to discuss matters of the moment in the sport and future regulation changes, the F1 Commission – which brings together representatives from all 10 teams, the FIA and Formula 1 itself – also discussed plans for pre-season testing in 2025.

F1’s now-sole pre-season test has been held in Bahrain for the past four seasons so that it could be paired with the season-opening race at the same venue. But a new approach will be required for 2025 as Australia is returning as the host of the opening round.

A proposal will be put forward to Formula One Management for consideration.

Meanwhile, the introduction of rear-facing cameras on cars was agreed from June’s Spanish Grand Prix.

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