Price withdraws from Premier League Darts in Aberdeen due to back injury

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Price withdraws from Premier League Darts in Aberdeen due to back injury

Gerwyn Price has withdrawn from Thursday night’s Premier League Darts in Aberdeen, live on Sky Sports, due to a back injury.

Under the tournament rules, Price’s planned quarter-final opponent in Aberdeen Luke Humphries will now receive a Bye into the semi-finals, as well as gaining two league points and +1 leg difference. Price, meanwhile, receives -6 leg difference on the league table.

Humphries will play the winner of Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross in the semi-finals.

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Premier League Darts table

Player Nights won Matches won Pts
1. Luke Littler 3 18 31
2. Luke Humphries 3 15 28
3. Nathan Aspinall 2 15 25
4. Michael van Gerwen 4 14 24
5. Michael Smith 1 12 20
6. Rob Cross 0 8 14
7. Gerwyn Price 0 7 12
8. Peter Wright 0 2 4

Welshman Price, 2021 World Champion, was unable to compete in last weekend’s Austrian Darts Open after suffering a trapped nerve in his back.

The 39-year-old has since undergone treatment but has not recovered sufficiently to travel to Scotland to take part in Night 14.

The net result is that Price will remain in seventh position, with his hopes of making the Play-Offs suffering a further hit.

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Michael van Gerwen vs Rob Cross

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