Chadwick first female in decade to secure Indy NXT podium finish

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Chadwick first female in decade to secure Indy NXT podium finish

Jamie Chadwick became the first female in more than a decade to secure an Indy NXT podium spot with her P3 finish at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The three-time W series champion is currently taking part in her second season in the competition.

Chadwick went from sixth to third in the race to get her best result so far in Indy NXT on her 17th start.

“I’m super happy,” she said. “We’ve had good pace all season so far, so to be able to convert it into a podium result is just such a great feeling.

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“The No 28 team and I have been working so hard and after the first two races, it’s exciting to finally get this one in the bag.”

Chadwick has worked hard on her strength to ensure she can handle the car on track.

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Jamie Chadwick explains the launch of her all-female UK karting series which will help those develop their skills to perform on higher stages.

“These are physical cars, and coming from something like W Series, which is probably closer to an F4 car, I knew it was going to be a challenge,” she said.

“But until you’re really in the thick of it and in the season, you don’t really know. For that reason, I was underprepared last year.

“I beefed up quite a bit over the off-season, which has definitely helped and paid off this year.”

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