Best moments, ‘special’ fans and scrapping VAR – Klopp’s final presser!

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Best moments, ‘special’ fans and scrapping VAR – Klopp’s final presser!

In his final press conference as Liverpool manager, an emotional Jurgen Klopp discussed his best moments during his time in charge, the “special” relationship with the club’s fans, why he would scrap VAR and more…

‘The most intense week of my life’

“It’s been the most intense week of my life. We’ve had great moments already.

“We don’t have to pretend it’s a normal week because it isn’t. I’m a very pragmatic person. This is the last game of the season and after that, it’s a holiday.

“Yesterday, the players said goodbye. We had a barbecue here. It’s a lot. I have emotional moments of course. I don’t know how many shirts I signed! It’s all part of the thing.

“Saying goodbye is never nice but saying goodbye without feeling sad or hurt, that would have meant the time was not good. The time was great. It will be tough.”

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As Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool reaches its conclusion we take a look at his news conferences and interviews which have produced many memorable moments

Klopp: I know we could have won more

“I know we could have won more but I can’t change that. We could have won less as well.

“Not being champion by a point is not a great experience but it’s an experience. I couldn’t have done anything different in these moments.

“When we don’t score at Man City when the ball wasn’t over the line, and then Sergio Aguero scores at Burnley when it is just over the line. That is not my fault!

“We could have won more Champions Leagues. Being in three finals is an outstanding achievement. There is a good chance you lose the final, that’s how it is. Real Madrid, they always find a way to win it. We tried again.

“I would not be happy if I thought I could have done more. I couldn’t have done more. Could someone else have done better? Possibly. But not me, and I’m fine with it. It’ll be judged by the people and most are fine with it.”

Sunday 19th May 3:00pm Kick off 4:00pm

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Klopp: Carabao Cup win best night of our lives

“This was my favourite final. We know how people see the Carabao Cup but in that moment it felt absolutely outstanding.

“It showed everything this club is about. Our people can create some special moments. That night we all created something really special.

“From the club’s point of view, it was the best night of our lives. I loved it. I loved to see the kids’ eyes. And the other ones, Virgil, skipper, first trophy. A fantastic night, I’ll never forget it.”

Klopp on ‘super special’ Anfield and supporters

“I love Anfield to bits, I love it when it’s full. I hope it isn’t a picture for the future, me alone in the stadium!

“Anfield is a super special place, because of the people. The people make it.

“The club is special, the club means the world to so many people. Emails, letters, if I answer them all I’m here until 2028. I apologise. I couldn’t sort tickets for the last game, there were a lot of requests.

“LFC TV had me read letters yesterday. With one, I burst into tears. Football changes lives and I know that. We did that.

“The experience is there to learn from. Keep doing it for the next manager and you will feel the same way. We have very special supporters. The last nine years meant the world to them. I’m happy about that.”

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The Liverpool String Quartet performed a moving tribute to Klopp ahead of his final game at the club

Klopp’s most memorable Liverpool moments

“The best football we played was against Man City this season, we never controlled City like we did that day. We have won before, in different games, but never put them under pressure like that before.

“Most spectacular performance – Barcelona [in 2019 Champions League semi-final second leg]. Best goal – Alisson Becker [against West Brom in 2021]. Best assist – Trent Alexander-Arnold against Barca. Best save – Alisson against Napoli. Best backheel goal – Sadio Mane.”

‘I’m there if the city needs me’

“The older you get, time slips through your fingers, and you look back and think, that was great. We used absolutely everything, tried to make the best out of everything, enjoy things as much as possible. A decade of your life is massive, and I will not forget a day. I was at the best club I could have imagined, in a very special city.

“Nothing is perfect nowadays, but the way the people meet you, the way they treat you – it’s wonderful to know I spent a big time of my life here. I got the key of the city, I’m sure for some people that is rather funny, but if the city needs me I am there. I want to be helpful in whatever way.”

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Former chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group., Margaret Aspinall, reflects on her memories of Klopp

Klopp: Matip world-class and Thiago one of the best

“Have you ever seen a better free transfer than Joel Matip? Ridiculously funny and a wonderful man. He has to make a decision if he wants to play on. Whoever gets him is a lucky club because he is a world-class footballer and super humble.

“I would have loved to see Thiago’s career without injuries. One of the best I have ever seen. In control of everything on the pitch.

“I told them thank you for everything they did. They were all brilliant. If they weren’t, they would have left last year.”

Joel Matip

Image: Defender Joel Matip is leaving Liverpool this summer

Klopp: I would scrap VAR the way it is

“I think Premier League clubs are voting about how VAR gets used because it is definitely not right.

“I wouldn’t vote against VAR, I’d vote against how it’s used. These people are not capable of using it properly. VAR is not the problem.

“I would vote for scrapping VAR the way it is.”

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Rob Dorsett explains why the proposal to scrap VAR in the Premier League is unlikely to happen and the measures needed to improve the process

‘I have no clue how the team are thinking’

“This is a massive challenge, I have no clue how the team are thinking. The documentary crew asked for the last team meeting, I said no.

“It will be a tough atmosphere against Wolves, a strong team, the most unlucky team I have ever seen with VAR. They will want to finish on a high, we will prepare as good as normal.

“Standing there and pretend it is a normal game, no one would believe that. But it will be easier to celebrate if we put in a good game before.”

The final day of the 2023/24 Premier League season takes place this weekend. Watch Liverpool vs Wolves live on Sky Sports from 3pm on Sunday; kick-off 4pm.

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