Could Ocon face Canadian GP axe after crash with Gasly?

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Could Ocon face Canadian GP axe after crash with Gasly?

Alpine boss Bruno Famin says “there will be consequences” after Esteban Ocon collided with team-mate Pierre Gasly on the opening lap of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ocon’s car was lifted in the air when he made tyre to tyre contact with Gasly after diving down the inside at Portier [Turn Eight].

Ocon retired from the race during the red flag period but Gasly went on to finish 10th and score his first point of the season.

The stewards gave Ocon a five-grid place penalty for the next F1 race in two weeks at the Canadian Grand Prix, on June 7-9, but there are question marks as to whether the Frenchman will race after team principal Famin’s comments.

Famin was seen talking to Alpine reserve driver Jack Doohan shortly after the accident in Monaco.

“Esteban’s attack was completely out of line. It’s exactly what we didn’t want to see, and there will be consequences,” Famin told Canal+.

“We are going to make a tough decision. On the first lap at the Portier, it was not the place to make a move, leaving no room for his team-mate.”

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Gasly: Ocon didn’t respect clear instructions

Gasly and Ocon have a history in karting, where they fell out due to an incident, but have had few inter-team battles since becoming team-mates at Alpine at the start of 2023.

The accident on Sunday in Monaco is the most notable incident yet and Gasly was furious on the radio, shouting “what is he doing!” He calmed down after the race but still expressed his frustration.

“I’m just disappointed with Esteban because it shouldn’t have happened, and for the team. We can’t afford to have this sort of behaviour,” Gasly told Sky Sports.

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Gasly was upset with team-mate Ocon following their collision on the first lap in Monaco

“We had clear instructions before the race and this hasn’t been respected, and you should never take that much risk to take both cars out with your team-mate.

“I’m sure it will be discussed and we can’t afford to have a similar situation in the future.”

Ocon apologises to team

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Ocon says his car sustained too much damage after his clash with team-mate Gasly

Monaco is extremely difficult to overtake at due to the narrow circuit and tight corners. No one else was able to make a move at Portier during the race, including Oscar Piastri at the front as he had an ambitious look up the inside of race winner Charles Leclerc early on.

“It was a big one, but luckily it was less than Budapest last year where the same thing happened,” said Ocon.

“It’s an unfortunate incident. Unfortunately, we sustained too much damage to continue. I didn’t really review it and I’m not going to comment about it.”

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Highlights of the Monaco Grand Prix

The 27-year-old, whose Alpine contract runs out at the end of this year, then took to social media afterwards and apologised for the accident.

“Today’s incident was my fault, the gap was too small in the end and I apologise to the team on this one. Hoping for a deserved points-finish for the team today.”

Sky Sports F1 pundits have their say on incident

Sky Sports F1’s Jenson Button:

“If you look at it just as a move, he was long way up the inside. He was past him at the apex. The issue is he ran a bit wide on the exit and didn’t leave enough room, so they clipped each other.

“The issue is if they were told before the race not to race each other. That’s where the issue is and that’s why Famin is so angry.”

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Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz reflects on all the big talking points from the Monaco Grand Prix

Sky Sports F1’s Naomi Schiff:

“The team have been on the back foot all season long and they have put themselves in a position in Monaco to score points.

“You can understand why Bruno Famin sees how both cars could have been out of the race due to one decision from Esteban.

“You want to see racing, of course, and he’s made a very aggressive move but maybe a move he shouldn’t have made on his team-mate because that could have cost him a lot.”

Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle:

“You don’t lunge your team-mate in Portier on the first lap of the Monaco Grand Prix.”

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